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- Nettie Kraft on May 1, 2015 inNews

  • Producing stimulating, affordable theater for Nashville.
  • Providing opportunities for theater artists to express themselves, especially young women.
  • Bringing small budget, topical, raw, representative, risky, Chicago-style theater to Nashville.

We were the Five Dollar Recession Theater Company but it’s time to grow. The recession may be over but the need for affordable theater, opportunities for young artists, expanding the theater audience, and reflecting the changing demographic of Nashville is here. It’s your chance to help instill theater into this vibrant city in a powerful and lasting way.

Pricing: Tickets will be free to high school students, $10 if you are in college, $20 if you’re in your twenties and $30 if you are in your thirties and above. Anything you can pay above that will be appreciated. Artists will always pay a sliding scale.

Plays: Verge will operate without dogma. There is not one “kind” of play we will produce besides good. Ambiguous, I know. Good can mean experimental or entertaining. Whatever catches our fancy. Trust us. It will be something people will enjoy.

Budget: We want to budget $6,000-$7,000 per show. This will pay for the rights to the play, designers and director fees, and actor stipends. (Actors will also receive a small percentage of profits from the door.) We need to fund a website and a ticket sales platform too. Whew. Once the initial seed money is invested our ticket sales will become the producing funds. We aim to be self sufficient within two years.
Our 501 (c)3 status is pending and your donation will be tax deductable
Our perks are personal, fun, and won’t take up a lot of space
If we only make $5,000 with this campaign we will STILL put on a play. Your money will be put to good use. We promise.

Donate: You can donate at our Indiegogo campaign here. Every little bit helps!

Other Ways You Can Help: SPREAD THE WORD! We know some can spare $1, some can donate $50 but if everyone shared this plea on FB, Twitter, etc. we would make our goal (or more) in no time.
Verge Theater Company

Comments 1

Katie Sawhill

2015-06-03 16:29:30 Reply

Hi! I’m an actress relocating to Nashville, and I’d love to get involved with you guys. What do you have coming up next? Thanks!